Beautiful location and intriguing story

  • Book: A Summer Reunion
  • Location: Majorca (Mallorca)
  • Author: Fanny Blake

Review Author: JessicaRabbit31



I must admit that although this book is only short in length I was pretty gripped from the start and it only took me a few days to complete it.

At the forefront of the story is Amy Green who is a likeable character. With her life in tatters she decides to revisit some difficult parts of her past and make peace in order to move on with her life without any feelings of hurt and regret. She finds the best way to do this is to contact her old school friends as she feels like some things have been left unsaid.

I would have honoured this book more stars but I didnt feel that I could as it was quite serious and far fetched in some parts. I was intrigued to read about the villain from the ladies past and how he connected all of the old school friends together.

I really didn’t connect with Jane and at times she made me cringe and I found myself getting angry with her dishonest character. I was absolutely glad to hear the last of her.

Overall this book is set in a beautiful location and the plot is good. I would love to read more by this author.

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