Beautiful story of love and civil war

  • Book: Shadows Over the Spanish Sun
  • Location: Andalusia (Andalucía)
  • Author: Caroline Montague

Review Author: EmmabBooks



A story of a family, love and civil war – throughout which the warmth and beauty of Andalucia shines through.
Mia returns to Andalucia to be with her grandfather after his accident. Whilst learning to look after his estate, she begins to learn about herself and what is important in life. Meanwhile the story travels back in time to 1923 and to Mia’s grandfather’s life from a young child and through the Spanish Civil War. The reader is taken on a majestic journey through the wonders of a life spent amongst horses and the great outdoors, and also of a true love interspersed with the horrors of war, the necessities of survival and the ensuing secrets needed to keep safe.
This is a beautifully written story, with the wonders of life beautifully described, and the horrors of war described just enough to leave the rest to the reader’s imagination. The civil war is outlined sufficiently to give a good idea of what it was about, however the focus is more on what it meant for the ordinary people, having to choose sides – perhaps different to others in their family, than the actual politics and fighting. Though there is sadness this is a book about survival, a family and how from terrible times comes meaning, hope and love.
In summary I loved the strong sense of Andalucia, the involving story and the great overview of what the Spanish Civil War was about.

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