Beautifully set book in the Himalayas

  • Book: The Himalayan Summer
  • Location: Darjeeling, Nepal
  • Author: Louise Brown

Review Author: Charl



I’d read Eden Gardens by Louise Brown, so was very eager to read The Himalayan Summer too! And it didn’t disappoint! The descriptions of location are incredibly well researched and so beautifully written – it might help that Nepal has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to go and now I definitely want to go to be able to see the coral mountains! The characters in the book are great, the main character is Ellie, and actually I found it quite hard to warm to her – but I think that might be the point. I really loved Hugh as a character.
Without trying to give any spoilers – the only slight down point of this book is the ending, it was very predictable and slightly rushed. But still definitely worth a read.

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