Beautifully written, emotive, raw and thoroughly compelling…..

  • Book: In the Absence of Miracles
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Author: Michael J Malone

Review Author: MiriamSmith



Michael Malone is a prize winning poet and author from Scotland, who writes beautifully from the heart and who now has a huge following in the literary world. Having previously read his powerful psychological thriller “A Suitable Lie” and his gothic contemporary novel “House of Spines” and enjoying both immensely, I was very much looking forward to reading and enjoying his latest standalone novel “In the Absence of Miracles”.
This shocking and once again powerful thriller covers a storyline that at times did make me a little uncomfortable (since I’m a mother of three sons) and for which I can’t even begin to imagine the trauma the characters went through in the story, during their teenage years. The author covered a subject that is very rarely covered in novels and isn’t publicised the way it should be due to the stigma of the abuse. He isn’t afraid to highlight often traumatic and brutal domestic and child abuse and broaches these subjects with sensitivity but always portraying them within a very engrossing and compelling story. I thought “In the Absence of Miracles” was a job well done and impecably written. I was drawn into the story instantly and fully felt the main character John’s emotional turmoil when he remembered his long buried memories.
Michael is a Scottish author who writes about his local area and it’s always nice whenever you can relate to those places in a book. I’ve stayed at Hunters Quay mentioned in the story, so I immediately felt a connection with the location and could visualise the scenes as they played out.
I’m more than happy to recommend this author and his many books, they’re enjoyable if a little distressing at times ( but in a fully professional way) and I fully intend to continue reading his work.
4 stars

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