Not a book for me

  • Book: Lost and Found
  • Location: Australia
  • Author: Brooke Davis

Review Author: Kaga



Let me start by saying just how much I love reading – all genres – well almost all. I’ve never quite got into sci-fi! I’m always keen to try new authors, especially those who write in a ‘different’ manner.

As a child I exhausted all books available for children in my local library and quickly moved on to what one would term classics. Then I started on other fiction and even those books that required a torch under the bedclothes. I read all sorts, those that came with glowing reviews and those that had few reviews. I prided myself on finishing each and every book, confident that the author had written it for me to read and enjoy. Through the decades I have read thousands of books and enjoyed the majority of them.

Well, sorry Brooke. You didn’t do it for me with this one! What a load of drivel – two dimensional characters with a storyline to match. Again and again I went back to the book, trying to find something that I liked. Something to encourage me to turn the page and find out what it was that the author was trying to convey to me.

I’ve visited Australia several times and have an educated view on the country and what makes it tick. The shallowness of the book could have it being set anywhere.

So reader, will you read it and prove me wrong? Will you find hidden depth and understanding that I did not? Will you challenge me to re-read the book and change my mind?

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