Brilliant, fun, sassy…

  • Book: I heart New York
  • Location: New York City (NYC)
  • Author: Lindsey Kelk



I heart New York is a brilliant, fun, sassy, romantic book which follows the life of Angela, a poor woman who on her wedding day walks in on her fiancée and her Maid of Honour in a very compromising position in the back of her bridal car. Running away from her heartache and ruin her life has become, she decides to take the leap and fly to New York, where she has no money, nowhere to live and no friends. Quickly she meets Jenny, a cool original New Yorker who persuades her to have a total new make over, which naturally, leads to her being chatted up by half of New York. From then on the reader follows her new exciting life, as she decides to pursue 2 gorgeous and totally different men, and write in her new blog about it. (Very sex in the city!!) She combines visiting the major landmarks of New York, with the major landmarks of her two new relationships.
I read this book when I was on holiday in New York, it was brilliant to be able to see the city through my own eyes and through the eyes of Angela.

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