Brought the Cotswolds to life but plot is less lively

  • Book: Slaughter in the Cotswolds
  • Location: The Cotswolds
  • Author: Rebecca Tope



I know the Cotswolds well and love a ‘murder book’ so was excited to read this book. Rebecca Tope is very successful at bringing the Cotswolds to life – her descriptions of the villages and their inhabitants are vivid and engaging. I have been to Lower Slaughter many times and felt she described it very well – the book made me want to go back.

On a less positive note the plot is ok but quite formulaic and I guessed the ending really quite early on. In many places it read more like chick lit than a crime novel. The writing, the plot and the characters really reminded me of Katie Fforde’s romance novels chick lit with a murder thrown in. I was also reminded of the Agatha Raisin series of novels – people who enjoyed those would probably also enjoy this. They are quite similar if a little less quirky.

‘Slaughter in the Cotswolds’ did hold my interest and I read it quickly but in all is pretty forgettable.

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