Captivating historical romance

  • Book: Born in the Purple
  • Location: Istanbul (Constantinople)
  • Author: Dora Ilieva

Review Author: JSAauthor



Born in the Purple is a beautifully written historical romance set in the Eastern Roman Empire during and shortly after the First Crusade – a period of turmoil and a fight for power over the Byzantine Empire. It is set against the backdrop of the imperial court in Constantinople, in a time of warring between kingdoms, barbarians, and invaders. The interwoven stories about political intrigue, betrayal, and rivalries for the crown are told mainly from the perspective of the royals.

The main characters are based on real historical figures. The main character, Anna Komnena, refuses to conform to her royal family’s expectations and pays an unbelievably high price for it. Her actions and motivations are believable and well described.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction with a dash of romance and intrigue.

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