Cinematic and visual – perfect for horror movie fans

  • Book: Mina and the Undead
  • Location: New Orleans
  • Author: Amy McCaw

Review Author: kev



I’ve read this multiple times now and honestly enjoyed it every time and even having learnt the twists after the first read, the plot is strong and you realise the easter egg clues you previously missed.

If you know someone who could watch movies on a loop indefinitely but isn’t into reading and you would like them to get into reading but have never found the right book yet, Mina and the Undead is one to consider. Here’s my reasoning…

*It reads very cinematically and isn’t over descriptive.
*It revolves around a Horror Movie Tour Mansion.
*It has many pop culture references to the 1980s/1990s – movies, actors, music, lifestyles etc.
*Its chapter lengths are relatively short to allow for reading breaks (but the chapter cliffhangers make it hard to put down).

Hope this review helps!

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