Convent life – not for me, but did I have a choice?

  • Book: Sacred Hearts
  • Location: Ferrara
  • Author: Sarah Dunant



This book is set in Ferrara in the 16C but could be in any Italian City I would think. It recounts how a sixteen year old is forced into a convent by her family to end a love affair they did not approve of. It seems that it was common for families to put their daughters if they were difficult or unmarriageable into a convent. However, the central character in this book shows determination and grit to escape. She wins over the trust and friendship of a senior nun. It has an interesting underlying moral tale but also reveals how powerful the leaders in the church can be. This book is interesting to learn more about the power and life in a convent.
It is an easy read although I did get a bit confused with all the different nuns and their names, but the main characters are easy to follow.

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