Crime Mystery set in CORNWALL

  • Book: Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice
  • Location: Cornwall, St Ives
  • Author: David Coubrough

Review Author: tripfiction



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Another interesting book that may not be on everyone’s radar and excellent for creating a brooding, mysterious Cornwall (St Ives).

IMG_3959A regular Summer get together near St Ives in Cornwall brings several families together, milling about, eating, a bit of sport, and illicit activities that fall beneath the radar. Nothing untoward, really. That is until hotel porter, Tom Youlen, is found poisoned in a country lane, muttering “It was him…him from the hotel…he said he would…if I spoke”. A little while later the body of a young woman is found washed up on the shore.

This happened in 1972, a year that is vividly evoked in the book, platform shoes and plenty of music tracks to take the reader straight back to the era. Hum along with all the old songs as you read.

Now, Grant, a teenager amongst the group then, returns to the area with Brigit, his wife, because something just hasn’t sat right for him. He is beginning to feel obsessed. Add into the mix some very odd occurrences that are baffling and concerning, things are evidently not as they seem…potential film footage, what might it reveal, a message in a bottle…

This book is very much in the Agatha Christie mould where groups of people come together and a death happens in their midst.

At the beginning of the book there is a list of the families and family members and although that keeps the reader on track as the characters slide in and out, it can feel a little daunting having to grapple with them all.

The setting is mainly Cornwall – from St Ives, to Mevagissey and Zennor…

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