Dark and intriguing

  • Book: Red Snow
  • Location: Sweden
  • Author: Will Dean

Review Author: [email protected]



Tuva Moodyson, a reporter on the local newspaper in Gavrik, a small town in northern Sweden, is within a couple of weeks of leaving town for a new job when a suicide at the liquorice factory that is the town’s main employer marks the beginning of a very dark murder mystery. Tuva is asked to help a local author with his research into the family who own the factory and becomes involved in solving the crime, although she’s kept at a distance from their own investigation by the local police. The story has an almost fairytale quality with wonderful descriptions of the icy winter and the menacing forest where bears and wolves lurk. There are plenty of strange characters and ancient superstitions. I doubt it’s a book that will make readers want to go on holiday to the area, especially in winter, but I recommend it for armchair travel.

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