Didn’t quite do it for me……

  • Book: Red Snow
  • Location: Sweden
  • Author: Will Dean

Review Author: MiriamSmith



Having very recently read the first in the deaf investigative reporter Tuva Moodyson series “Dark Pines” and having a few issues with her, the main character, I wasn’t sure whether this book the follow up to it, “Red Snow” would be the one that would change my opinion of her. Although I did enjoy the story line much more in “Red Snow” and wanted to see it through to the end, I still found her very difficult to endear to and found her to be a moaning, dull and boring character that hadn’t changed from her last outing. The dark, bleak, dreary and icy cold Swedish weather did nothing to encourage me to visit the country and the over descriptions and details of the small rural town of Gavrik and surrounding forests filled with oddball and unlikeable characters did not compliment the atmospheric feel of the novel for me at all. Constant putting clothes on and taking them off, scraping windscreens and dry and chapped weather beaten skin did become tedious after the first few mentions. There was one character however that I did take to and that was elderly Cici Grimberg, her eccentricity and attitude was fun to read.
I certainly don’t want to give the impression that I have a problem with Will Dean’s writing because that’s far from the truth. He obviously writes with first hand experience of living in long, dark and freezing cold Swedish winters and he’s put an obvious amount of passion and effort into a series that I know is going down really well with readers. I suspect this will be just as much a hit as “Dark Pines”. I myself, just haven’t clicked with Tuva and should the series have had a more endearing main protagonist I would have enjoyed so much more.
To die hard crime readers who enjoy slow, unappealing character driven novels not necessarily set in cosy conditions will probably enjoy this series, I wouldn’t say don’t read – follow Tuva for yourself and hopefully you’ll like her a lot more than I did.
3.5 stars for the storyline which did keep my interest.

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