Dinah Jefferies Does Not Disappoint!

  • Book: The Sapphire Widow
  • Location: Sri Lanka
  • Author: Dinah Jefferies

Review Author: A Lady Traveller



Having read Dinah Jefferies 4 previous novels, I was eagerly awaiting this one & I was not disappointed!
Set in Ceylon in the mid 1930s, The Sapphire Widow recounts the tale of Louisa Reeve & her husband, Elliot.
When Elliot dies suddenly, Louisa’s life as she knew it starts to unravel dramatically, as she discovers that Elliot was not all he seemed.
As more & more details of Elliot’s secret life come to light, we follow Louisa as if on a roller-coaster to the final revelation of Elliot’s total betrayal of his marriage.
Dinah Jefferies writes in such an absorbing manner that we, her readers, cannot help but be sucked in so completely that we are there with Louisa in 1930s Galle.
The descriptions of the country & the Ceylonese lifestyle are compelling.
I am now eagerly awaiting Dinah Jefferies’ next novel, which I believe is to be set in Burma!
Bring it on! ūüôā

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