Engaging and fun travel memoir “off the beaten path”

  • Book: The Coconut Wireless: A Travel Adventure in Search of the Queen of Tonga
  • Location: Tonga
  • Author: Simon Michael Prior

Review Author: Liesbet



The Coconut Wireless is a well-written and engaging travel memoir with a healthy dose of wit. The author communicates with the reader in an informal manner and manages to keep the story flowing with lots of dialogue and powerful descriptions. As a traveler myself, I enjoyed journeying with Simon and Fiona as they prepared for and later set out on their trip of a lifetime to Tonga.

Every spare moment I had, I picked up this book again, eagerly reading to discover what happened next to this young, adventurous couple. The Coconut Wireless is a light and entertaining read that provides insights into the lifestyle, natural beauty, and customs of Tonga, while introducing the reader to multiple memorable characters the author and his girlfriend met on their journey. I especially enjoyed the dry humor and how the author creates a sense of place and atmosphere.

If you like traveling – in person or virtually from your armchair – and/or you are interested in a fun read about an adventurous couples’ explorations in a tiny, tropical South Pacific nation, this book is for you!

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