An enlightening novel that brought Granada and the Alhambra Palace to life…

  • Book: Court of Lions
  • Location: Granada
  • Author: Jane Johnson

Review Author: Rae Cowie



The Court of Lions is a novel that will stay with me for a long time. Learning about Moorish history, seeing life in the Alhambra during the 15th century through the eyes of a companion to the Sultan was fascinating. Jane Johnson writes in such a vivid style that made it easy to imagine Momo and Blessings friendship blossoming in the plentiful gardens, or to feel their fear as the Christian army set up camp, beneath the fortress walls. (Everyone should have a Special Guardian!) It was also interesting to discover that the notes written in ancient Berber script that Kate Fordham stumbles upon (in the present day strand of the novel) and that act as a link, were inspired by an ancient love letter tucked within the woodwork of a door within the Alhambra – a place I’d now love to visit. An enlightening novel that brought Granada and the Alhambra palace to life – both then and now.

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