Evocative of 16c life in Bruges

  • Book: The Master of Bruges
  • Location: Bruges
  • Author: Terence Morgan



Fifteenth century Flanders it purports to be narrated by the Flemish painter Hans Memling, and it weaves a deliciously plausible solution to the English princes-in-the-tower mystery into the known facts ( of Memling’s life and all the bigwigs of fifteenth century Burgundy, Flanders, and England). I could identify only two problems with this book:
– the back copy is very lowbrow (it makes it
sound like an extraordinarily sloppy historical romance bodice ripper) and
– the paperback edition doesn’t include a lovely glossy insert of all of
Memling’s paintings that are clues along the way, but otherwise it is great and fun and clever and totally addictive. As I it lacks the pictures to accompany the text, you’ll just have to go to Bruges yourself ( I did, and it was worth every trudging step! Not to mention that you can see Ghent and the ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ en route)

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