Exciting, dramatic, psychological thriller

  • Book: In Harm’s Way
  • Location: Glasgow, Leadhills
  • Author: Owen Mullen

Review Author: EmmabBooks



Mackenzie has a drink problem, is prone to exaggerate and enjoys drama. So when she disappears no-one is too worried. Should they be?

As with all Owen Mullen books, this thriller has a strong opening and the book continues at a fast pace. Themes include family relations, and assumptions of what goes on behind other people’s closed doors. There are not too many characters in this book, so the action is easy to follow.

Set in Glasgow, the main characters are not ones I warmed to, however I found the idea for the plot clever and somewhat disturbing. The opening pages made me worry that this book was going to be too dark for me, but it wasn’t, it was just a great psychological thriller.
I loved it when DS Geddes from Mullen’s previous books made a return to investigate Mackenzie’s disappearance. Not too much about the plot in this review, as I’m not one for giving storylines away.

4*s from me as I found this an enjoyable fast read, and it got me thinking how realistic the scenarios were – which was pretty scary to think about!

I’m a great fan of Owen Mullen’s books (read them all!), and this is an enjoyable deviation from his normal detective thrillers.

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