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  • Book: Heading East: 1 year: 26 countries: 1001 worries
  • Location: Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe
  • Author: Dawn East

Review Author: RosieA



Heading East 1 Year: 26 Countries: 1001 Worries is a travelogue from solo traveller Dawn East who left her teaching career to go travelling.

Dawn’s route began with a flight to Moscow and then on to the Trans-Mongolian railway. She visited parts of China, South Korea, Japan and travelled through Asia to Australia. In a second part, Dawn travelled through some of Eastern Europe, finishing off in Finland.

After a year of planning her trip, Dawn chose to travel as cheaply as possible, staying in hostels, travelling by bus, walking to tourist sites where possible and keeping to a £40 daily budget. I liked Dawn’s honesty which included her fears and concerns. A seasoned traveller, Dawn was able to keep herself and her belongings safe, and avoid local opportunists; she also had lots of good advice for others who might want to follow her trail.

On the whole I found the book very interesting, as there was plenty of detail about all the places that Dawn visited as well as a list of trip advice and packing tips at the end of the book. Some of my favourite parts of Dawn’s trip were from Australia, but I did learn quite a lot from many of the other destinations. I think that this would make an ideal gift for anyone considering travelling in the future.

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