Flight to Coorah Creek is a story of survival and determination

  • Book: Flight to Coorah Creek
  • Location: The Outback
  • Author: Janet Gover

Review Author: Anne Cater



Three very different people, all with very different things to hide. Jessica, Adam and Ellen each find themselves hiding out in the Australian outback town of Coorah Creek. The Creek is as far away as they can possibly get, just one main street, a few businesses, the mine and miles and miles of deserted outback. The problem is that running away doesn’t always mean that your troubles are left behind, sometimes you carry them with you, where ever you go.

Jessica has left her exciting job behind, the glamour of flying a private jet for a wealthy businessman wasn’t all it turned out to be and since the high-profile court case involving her ex-boss and lover, she’s trying her best to stay unnoticed. Adam has been at Coorah Creek for five years; the town doctor who dedicates himself to his patients. Much admired by the community, his scars go more than skin deep and he is unable to let himself love or be loved. Ellen and her two children are running from the man who was supposed to love and protect them, Ellen can’t help but blame herself – what woman allows a man to treat her like that?

Three wonderfully drawn and very realistic characters, thrown together in a desolate location and amongst townfolk who like nothing better to know everything about everyone. Will any of them find happiness here, will the friendship and welcome offered to them by the locals heal them?

I enjoyed this story very much. The little town of Corah Creek has been created with knowledge of the area and appears very authentic, from the rough and ready mining pub to the caring medical community who run the Flying Doctor service and the small medical centre. The characters are larger than life, and I grew to like each one of them very much, desperately hoping that things would turn out for them.

Flight to Coorah Creek is a story of survival and determination but it is also a love story, in fact it is two love stories. Written with passion and with an air of authority in terms of the location, this is a story to be savoured – another success from Choc Lit.

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