Funny, captivating tale of East and West colliding

  • Book: PACIFIC ODYSSEY – The Curious Journey of Lew 2.0
  • Location: New Jersey, New York City (NYC), South East Asia
  • Author: Chet Nairene

Review Author: Expat8410



New York businessman Lew Clarke seems to have it all, as the superstar tech rainmaker for a monster conglomerate, Mega Brands. But things go south as he is suddenly fired and, at loose ends, answers an internet come-on and hooks up with a quirky little company in remote Southeast Asia.

At first things seem glorious as his high-margin, sumptuous products sell themselves in America. The future looks unlimited. But once US customers begin experiencing calamitous accidents, all seemingly linked to Lew’s imported products, he is forced to travel to the all-but-unknown Kingdom of Amazia to sort things out.

Once there, he finds all his Western knowledge and skills are virtually useless, but somehow must track down his supplier and save his business and his life.

He meets charming and helpful new friends, without whom he’d be lost, and falls in love with the devastatingly beautiful Miss Nong. But when he discovers the dark secret threatening Amazia, his quest becomes more than just saving himself and his business.

For readers who enjoy international intrigue, exotic locales and humorous writing, this new offering from Chet Nairene will be a delight. This follows up on his previous Amazon bestselling novel, PACIFIC DASH.

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