Great book – I won’t forget it any time soon.

  • Book: American Dirt
  • Location: Mexico Border, United States (USA)
  • Author: Jeanine Cummins

Review Author: Charl



I’m really glad that I, purposefully, didn’t read any of the strong reviews of American Dirt before I actually read it. I can imagine the experience may have been a bit different if I had.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the story itself is thought provoking, intense, sad, beautiful and well written. I especially really love the characters and the group that forms as the story goes on. Lydia is an incredible character who leaves everything behind after her cartel leading ‘friend’ shoots her entire family – except her son. The story follows their dangerous journey across Mexico in their desire to go to El Norte.

It’s very fast paced, gripping and a real page turner. My only slight criticism is the use of Spanish. There is a looooot of it in the book and at times it felt over the top and clunky to read.

To me it felt really well researched and respectful, however having read the reviews afterwards, I may well be wrong.

Overall however, I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it.

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