Historical Fiction Adventure

  • Book: Winter at the Light
  • Location: Western Australia
  • Author: Stephen B King

Review Author: EmmabBooks



Molly’s father has an accident so Molly agrees to run the lighthouse for him whilst he is in hospital. She is worried she will be bored all alone on the lighthouse island; turns out that will be the least of her worries.

Set in the 1950’s, on an island off SW Australia this is a great novel with plenty of twists and unexpected events. John gets washed up on the island’s shores. Is he who he says he is, or is he lying (like Molly, the reader must decide as the storyline progresses)? Molly keeps radio contact with the mainland and hears disturbing news – does this have anything to do with John? There are possibilities of romance with plenty of danger and action moments included.

I found the book so involving, it felt like I was watching a film whilst I was reading. Plenty of atmosphere and mystery with only a few characters. To me this is a similar genre to some of my favourite adventure books from my childhood, only written for adults – though suitable for all ages.

As well as the great storyline, I also loved learning about life on a lighthouse before electricity/automation, that made this book extra special. So 5*s from me for this wonderful, easy to read, novel.

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