Humorous and enjoyable….

  • Book: Ayesha at Last
  • Location: Toronto
  • Author: Uzma Jalaluddin

Review Author: MiriamSmith



I have to be honest and say that “Ayesha at Last” wasn’t a story that grabbed my attention and screamed to be read. However, after having been kindly given the book and recommended by a friend, I decided to give it a go.
I’m pleased that I did, as it turned out to be quite a humorous and enjoyable story based on a modern day Muslim Pride and Prejudice. I liked the main character, captivating and outspoken Ayesha, though I didn’t warm to her potential suitor Khalid at all. His boss ‘Sheila the Shark’ who was quite the racist towards him, made for interesting reading to see how he handled the many jibes and hurtful remarks towards himself and his obvious devout faith. The author hasn’t been scared either to make fun at times of the Muslim traditions regarding arranged marriages etc but on a serious note I did learn a lot about the Muslim cultures and I liked how the story embraced both Muslim and non Muslim characters to give a balanced story.
In general the plot is entertaining though I did find my attention diminishing slightly towards the end but it was a fun rom-com, very modern and written well by debut author Uzma Jalaluddin and I can see this doing very well by romantic fiction readers.
3 stars

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