I am glad I wasn’t a nun in Renaissance Italy!!

  • Book: Sacred Hearts
  • Location: Ferrara
  • Author: Sarah Dunant



The book isn’t necessarily evocative of Ferrara, I am sure it must have reflected just about anywhere in Italy at that time!!Thus I would recommend it wherever you go, if you like a bit of background on convent life.
I loved the first half of the book, it is hugely instructive on the nature of the apothecary’s work, it depicts what convent life and its rigours must have been like, sooo much detail of life behind the wall (imagine having to get up at “Lauds” at daybreak, for prayers…). And I have loved all the books I have read so far by Sarah Dunant. I did struggle, however with all the Suoras, which nun one was which, though perhaps that was intentional, as they blend into one another in the their uniform habits – and maybe they are meant to serve as a kind of backdrop to what is happening between the main characters.

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