Intrigue & Ice Cream in 17th Century Paris & London

  • Book: The Empress of Ice Cream
  • Location: England, France, Italy
  • Author: Anthony Capella



This is a sumptuous and sensual novel that really brings to life the courts of the French and English monarchs during the late 17th Century when Louis XIV and Charles II were secretly plotting to turn England (back to) Catholic.

Using real historical characters and events, Anthony Capella has written a historical novel with plenty of pace to keep the reader hooked as the stories of Louise, daughter of an ancient but impoverished Breton family whose parents expect her to make a marriage of the utmost integrity, and Carlo, ice cream maker to Louis XIV. Their stories intertwine, develop and unfold against the backdrop of a London of taverns, parks and palaces, prostitutes, political factions and pies, that is also brought vividly to life. That the fates of Louise and Carlo seem irrevocably interlinked with the great events of the period makes the story even more compelling.

The personal stories of Louise and Carlo give what is already a fascinating period of history even more depth and interest, and for those with a foodie interest, there’s also the story of ice cream. A great book for history fans, foodies or just if you like a good well written story about the relationships between men and women.

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