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  • Book: Court of Lions
  • Location: Granada
  • Author: Jane Johnson

Review Author: tripfiction



This novel was the choice for the #TFBookClub January/February 2018.

The rule of Sultans In the later15th Century in Granada is prophesied to be coming to a close. Prince Abu Abdullah Mohammed (Momo), next in line, is accompanied in his young life by Blessings, his companion/slave. Momo’s father falls for Isabella de Solis and displaces Momo’s mother and throws into tumult the natural order of lineage. In wider Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella are set on driving out the Moors, who have had such a strong foothold in the area. And it is largely in the beautiful Alhambra that the story unfolds….

In modern day Granada, Kate Fordham, now calling herself Anna, has come to this part of Spain, fleeing James who at first seemed to have her best interests at heart. But as the relationship progressed she was subjected to his increasingly controlling behaviour.

Anna finds a fragment of paper in the ancient walls with symbols on it and it is this that makes sense of the entwined stories….

The book covers many themes and the detailed research just oozes from the pages. The heat and atmosphere of both the historical and modern day stories beautifully capture this part of the world and I would highly recommend this novel if you intend to visit the Alhambra – at one point Anna is taken through the buildings and grounds by a conservator who points out little details that perhaps as a casual visitor, one might never spot.

And I can’t end without mention the beautifully crafted covers of both the hardback and paperback editions. A sumptuous story in a tactile form.

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