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  • Book: Siren Spirit
  • Location: Somerset
  • Author: Elizabeth M Hurst

Review Author: tripfiction



A novella of just over 100 pages, featuring a time shift between 1874 and 2015. The books centres around the local blacksmith’s cottage both then and now.

Then – in 1874 – Joe lived with his family there, carrying out his trade. His daughter has little interest in getting married, despite his ministrations, as she has her heart set on only one person. Dad is a widower and is actively seeking another wife for himself let alone for his daughter.

Now – 2015 – Emma lives in the same house, and is taking a break from life and from her collapsed marriage. Her emotions are shattered and she finds herself open and accessible to the ghost that resides in her new home.  This is a ghost that needs to find peace. Emma is a woman on a mission to help the ghost find her final resting place. She is ably aided by her neighbor, handsome Lewis, who also has a personal backstory.

The writing is fairly simple and flows quite well. There is a real restlessness as the story scampers from one part to the next. It feels like it would be aimed at the YA audience, but there is probably a little too much lesbian/straight sex to really be aimed at that market?

Novellas can work really well, as a short, sharp piece of prose. This book feels more like an outline synopsis, awaiting some more fleshing out.

In terms of location it is clearly England, somewhere in the vicinity of Stratford upon Avon. But location is not strong.

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