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  • Book: The Christmas Sisters
  • Location: Scottish Highlands
  • Author: Sarah Morgan

Review Author: tripfiction



Christmas: You couldn’t have everything you wanted, but if you were lucky, you had the the things that mattered….

In their lodge in the Scottish Highlands, Suzanne and Stewart McBride are awaiting the arrival of their three grown-up girls to be all together for Christmas festivities. Suzanne is a real homemaker and welcomes everyone into her warm, cinnamon and pine scented home, the lights are twinkling, the snow is falling, the logs are crackling in the grate…..

The three sisters have mixed feelings about their impending get-together. Hannah is a top notch executive in Manhattan. Beth is now a mother to two small girls and fast losing her sense of self as the demands of motherhood take over. And Posy, the youngest, is living close by in Scotland, having remained steadfastly within striking distance, working as a mountaineer and mountain rescuer, a young fearless woman who has yet to spread her wings.

What binds the family is a tragedy that took place on Mount Rainier, way back when the girls where young. The lingering after-effects are there for all to feel (or not to feel, perhaps, but to evade, forget, deny). The consequences of trauma left unaddressed is one of the themes of the book. Communication has for many years been lacking within the family group, leading to misunderstandings, guilt and fear of family, but as everyone becomes more adept at listening and hearing, the creases begin to be ironed out.

The author explores both familial and couple relationships with a good depth of understanding and warmth, as life events unfold and relationships wobble on the cusp of evolving into something more meaningful.

This novel has all the components to make an ideal read (with a steaming mug of hot chocolate in hand) in the run up to Christmas. This, after all, is the latest novel from “The Queen of Christmas“! It might even inspire you to escape to the Scottish Highlands for your own cosy Christmas treat!

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