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  • Book: Attend
  • Location: Deptford
  • Author: West Camel

Review Author: tripfiction



A pleasingly unusual read that captures the feel of South London, with involving characters one could meet any day of the week on the pavements of this often overlooked area of the city.

Anne is a recovering drug addict who seeks her place back in her own family but is not embraced with open arms. In fact her family prioritises her ex. Sam is a newcomer to the city, and a chance encounter with Derek – thug that he is – changes the trajectory of his life. And there is Deborah, the mystical and aged woman, who hovers in the shadows, yet is a facilitator for change, an enabler and the main character.

This is the story of a disparate group of people who, at heart, are living their lives in the anonymity of the big city. It can be a challenging and lonely existence – in any big city, in fact – and the author portrays his characters with fondness and care. The cover is a lovely, clear metaphor for people’s lives colliding – enmeshing – connecting; and then separating.

The feel of the novel – the other worldly nature combined with gritty reality – makes this an unusual read. It reveals the existence of tunnels and cellars below the streets that all add to the mystery. The author has a gift for storytelling; he has even been accorded the moniker the “Dickens of Deptford” …

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