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  • Book: A Map of the Sky
  • Location: North Yorkshire
  • Author: Claire Wong

Review Author: tripfiction



Three members of the Fisher family are relocating from London to North Yorkshire and their temporary stop is at AskFeld, a guest house just about overlooking the sea. Dad has stayed in London because of work, Mum Catherine is waiting for their new house to be ready up in the north and daughter Juliet, awaiting her GCSE results, has rather turned in on herself.

Meet eleven year old Kit, son and brother to Juliet, with a fresh and starry disposition that makes him open to new friendships and experiences. He is a great reader of Camelot, King Arthur, Morgan le Fay (and her dastardly doings) and the Odyssey. And he is ready to transpose his learning of heroism and villainy into his own life. He is soon chatting to the largely older clientele at the Guest House and he beavers his way into Beth’s room, wife and joint owner of the establishment. She, however, has an undiagnosed illness that means she has to take things very easy, her pain can be tremendous and some days she can hardly get out of bed. She is also carrying her first child.

Beth is in the midst of creating a map of the area, of her childhood memories and images which she can share with her future child. Kit is determined to help out and he wants to visit the places she visualises – and can no longer visit herself due to her state of health – so that she can paint more elements onto the map.

Kit is a bit of an over functioner as he tries to weave his way through the lives of others, hoping to help. He, of course, is only eleven years old and therefore sometimes misconstrues the adult communication, overlaid with a swashbuckling imagination. He has to interpret everything going on around him from his young perspective. But where is his help most needed?

This is a delightful novel with a great character at the heart of the story. Uplifting and quite life affirming. If you loved The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, then you might also like this!

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