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  • Book: Death in Deia
  • Location: Deya (Deià)
  • Author: David Coubrough

Review Author: tripfiction




This is a nicely produced book to hold in one’s hand. The quality of the paper is terrific and the cover design features a charming painting by Victoria Coubrough, a family member one imagines. Thus the book is a pleasing object, with flaps and a solid quality, which is to be honest quite a rarity in paperbacks these days.

Secrets in one family are all about to be spilled! Grandfather Ken Stone dies and his daughter Alison seemingly whisks off with his millions, depriving other family members of their inheritance. She is holed up in Mallorca with her partner Don Davenport and now members of her family are assembling on the island to claim what is rightly theirs; and to ascertain her story.

There is a loose canon, former SAS soldier and cyclist Guy Roope who brings nothing but trouble. There are the elderly sisters who are anticipating a showdown. And the opener to the novel sees the death of Grant who is, of course, also searching for Alison.

The novel offers everything. Bust-ups, scary drives along the hairpin roads, accounts of sexual abuse, violence, gangland members that the family has to face, alcoholism, death, romance, assault, a dad back from the dead and more. It’s a right rambunctious read, rollicking around the island of Mallorca (which certainly gets a good look-in).

As the novel opens it feels there is an urgency to get as many of the characters into the narrative as possible which felt rather overwhelming. The storyline then settles into its rhythm and overall – for me – it felt as though there was too much telling and insufficient showing. It is the action that propels the story along and it’s certainly an enthusiastic narrative that bowls along at a brisk pace.

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