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  • Book: The Flatshare
  • Location: London
  • Author: Beth O'Leary

Review Author: tripfiction



3.5* Generally, this genre of book isn’t really up my street, but every once in a while, I pick one up hoping it will change my mind. Unfortunately, I can’t really say that this book has done that (sorry!)

The premise for this book is a really interesting one and has had rave reviews from many book lovers. Tiffy works in publishing and is in need of a new flat after her boyfriend has dumped her. Leon works nights in a hospice and is looking for a little extra cash and a new ‘night time’ flatmate. The blurb for this book is ‘Tiffy and Leon share a flat. Tiffy and Leon share a bed. Tiffy and Leon have never met” and it is so painfully obvious what is going to happen – which is my real qualm with this book. I knew the ending before even turning a page.

That being said, the way in which Tiffy and Leon ‘meet’ (and subsequently fall in love) is sweet – they start leaving post-it notes and food for each other. I also thought that it was really nice how much they found out about each other – like how they took their tea based on the left overs on the kitchen counter or whether they woke up early enough to go for a run because their trainers were out. It was really clever and nice to read.

I’m not entirely sure what I make of the characters themselves. Half of me really likes Tiffy and the other half is slightly frustrated by her. She’s a quirky character which I like, she wears odd things and has some unusual interests but at times I found her a little one dimensional, and I think the relationship with her ex was lacking something. Leon is quite charming in a non-obvious way and I really liked the relationships he built with the other characters. But why (really WHY) were his chapters written in note form? It was actually quite annoying and unenjoyable to read.

Overall I think the idea behind this book is great, and it is (apart from Leon’s chapters) nicely written. I personally just struggled with how obvious the storyline was and felt it lacked a bit of depth. I do know though, that I am very much a minority in this opinion – so maybe I just missed something!

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