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  • Book: Blood Red City
  • Location: London
  • Author: Rod Reynolds

Review Author: tripfiction



Rod is the successful British author of the Charlie Yates Detective Series set in 1940s America (The Dark Inside, Black Night Falling, and Cold Desert Sky). They are great ‘all American’ thrillers.

I was therefore intrigued to review Blood Red City, where 1940s America is exchanged for present day London – Rod’s home city. And it works really well… The background is different, but the strength of both the plot and the writing remain. Rod is a formidable talent…

Lydia Wright, a crusading journalist, is sent a video of what appears to be a murder on a north London tube train. She investigates, but comes up with nothing – no body, no reported crime, no witnesses. There is a wall of silence. But her investigations arouse interest in some pretty dubious quarters. Those involved in big property deals, dodgy politicians, not to mention those orchestrating strange goings on in the financial markets, and some quite scary Ukrainians.  Lydia needs help, and teams up with someone who is also trying to find out what occurred on the tube train. But how reliable is the ‘someone’ and does he know – from the inside – more about what is going on than he is letting on? Violence erupts.

Little by little – with several twists and complications along the way – all is revealed.  Rod is a master of complicated and well researched plot creation.

This is also a great book in TripFiction terms. It is very firmly placed in London and Rod shows a great knowledge of the city’s geography – from the far reaches of the Northern Line through to the new glass and concrete offices in the shadow of The Shard, and out to the West past Hampton Court. Those familiar with the city, will quite definitely feel at home.

Blood Red City is recommended.

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