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  • Book: The Catch
  • Location: Nottingham, The Peak District
  • Author: T M Logan

Review Author: tripfiction



I first came across this author’s work in The Holiday, a hot and claustrophobic story of friends spending a week together in a rather lovely house in Languedoc – Roussillon. That kept me well hooked.

This novel opens as Abbie is visiting her parents, Ed and Claire and introducing her them to her new boyfriend, Ryan (fiancé, in fact, as it turns out). He is suave, good looking, he drives a nice car and has a good job, he has seen service in the army in Afghanistan, he volunteers at a hospice. What’s not to like? Plenty, as it turns out, believes Ed. The women, of course are smitten.

Ed wants the best for his little girl. He has already despatched (in the sense of ‘sent away’) former boyfriend George. As a family they lost their youngest child Joshua in an accident and of course Ed is going to be over protective to his remaining child. Isn’t he? That is his job as a father.

The wedding is scheduled for just a few weeks hence. The countdown to the nuptials marks the ever-increasing and fevered investigations, bordering on the obsessive, that Ed is carrying out, at great cost to himself. His job is on the line, he is threatened as he follows Ryan across the city, he even instals a tracker on Ryan’s car. Is this psychopathy? Is he having a breakdown?

Ryan meanwhile remains as cool as a cucumber. The author keeps the two men’s stories running parallel which builds the pathos. What is the reality of the situation?

The Peak District makes a great backdrop for some of the scenes in the novel. I read it in a day and it kept my attention, away from current world events. If you enjoyed The Holiday, then you will love The Catch.

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