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  • Book: The Lies You Told
  • Location: London
  • Author: Harriet Tyce

Review Author: tripfiction



Sadie’s marriage has just hit the rocks in New York, so she drops everything and takes her young daughter Robin back to London. There they move into Sadie’s mother’s house – Lydia was a woman who had a very sharp and abusive tongue and has been dead several years. However, Lydia rather peculiarly stipulated in her will that the house may only remain in the family if Robin is sent to Ashams, a private school which Sadie attended. Grandmother can still control from beyond the grave, it seems.

At the school gates Sadie and Robin are not particularly welcomed, in fact there is a clique of women who go out of their way to ostracise them and make the school drop off/pick up experiences an utter nightmare.

Sadie also has to return to her old legal chambers to try and find work so she can support herself and her daughter. She is offered the opportunity, in a lowly capacity, to trawl through 1000s of exchanges between Jeremy, a teacher charged with inappropriate sexual advances and his under age pupil. The trial is about to take place.

So, Sadie truly has a lot on her plate as a single parent. If she is not working on the case, she is trying to hold her own at the school gate. The author is very good at creating women characters who have to continue against all the odds, women with victim tendencies who nevertheless find the backbone to plough on.

Further twists and turns are woven into the the two main strands of the story. I read it in one day and certainly if you enjoyed Blood Orange you will very much enjoy this thriller.

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