Lead Review

  • Book: The Scent of Rain
  • Location: Botswana
  • Author: Josef Lewies

Review Author: Isabella Orff




The author’s early years were in Botswana and in these assembled stories he reflects on his country, capturing the very essence of the country.

He pans back over time with a little historical introduction and imbues his narratives with the colour of the landscape, the people and the animals. He often overlays the stories with an ethereal, other worldly feel.

“Cheat “is a like a fable, featuring an Ostrich and a Tortoise and you will immediately recall the kinds of stories epitomised by the Tortoise and the Hare. “Jackal” features – yes – a Jackal and a Hyena whose story is set against drought and is of course a kind of allegory.

In many ways this is a sweet introduction to Botswana that is just that little bit different.

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