Lead Review

  • Book: Amber Green Takes Manhattan (Amber Green 2)
  • Location: New York City (NYC)
  • Author: Rosie Nixon

Review Author: Tina Hartas



It’s really discombobulating to read a novel that involves taking a flight to New York City… those were the days (writing this in early Spring 2021 when Covid is still raging).

Amber works as a stylist at well known department store in London and her job is so much more than dressing the large seasonal windows. Really it is!

Boyfriend Rob has a contract to work with “Angel Wear”, would that be the equivalent of Victoria’s Secret, I wondered? Anyway, he decides he would love for Amber to go along and that is indeed what she does.

She has high hopes of living in a wonderful flat like Carrie Bradshaw (of SATC fame) but their love nest is a sardine tin in Williamsburg – it’s called ‘compact’. Spacious apartments are not for the likes of two Brits who are in the city for just a short time – and certainly not a tall, elegant brownstone in the heart of old-money Manhattan on the Upper East Side!

Amber soon dives into the stylist world of New York, she encounters new and amazing characters in both her private and work worlds, and gets to trawl through an amazing cache of vintage clothes. There are one or two cameo appearances of people who will be familiar because they are f-a-m-o-u-s and there is, of course drama and adventure and a twist. There is humour, there are some silly plot lines and New York gets a good look-in as Amber makes her way around the city. Fluffy and bubbly.

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