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  • Book: Capture the Moment
  • Location: World
  • Author: Jim Lammers

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Now is not the time for travel. We are stuck at home, so what better way to spend the time than working on how to hone your travel sketching skills in preparation for a time when travel once again is possible?

Jim Lammers is a trained architect and he has been drawing all his life and in this nicely put together book, he sets out clearly how to go about creating mementoes of your trips. He is a keen traveller and has clearly delighted in capturing his many travels in a tangible and very personal form. His drawings will inspire you to work on your own achievements.

He starts off with the simplest of tools, the humble pencil and eraser, and progresses from there, offering tips and exercises. He adds in colour and perspective and the constructs for being able to create a passable drawing of what one might see on one’s travels. And how to be inspired by views and experience.

The right vantage point is 80% of the sketch” (Francis D K Ching)

He suggest looking up at buildings sometimes to really understand the perspective of lines, he urges artists to look at trees and depth of colour and then populating their compositions with figures.

He includes both his own work and that of colleagues to illustrate the variety of techniques and to show the range of styles that are infinitely possible.

This is a lovely way to work on drawing skills, particularly at a time when many of us are actively searching of ways to spend our days.

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