Lead Review

  • Book: Love Among the Recipes
  • Location: Paris
  • Author: Carol M Cram

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Genna’s marriage in Vancouver is in trouble. So she decided to head for Paris for 6 months to work on a project. She has the idea for a cookbook combined with a guidebook and she intends to visit the big sights of the city and get a feel for which particular dish would marry up with the sight.

She tells her children of her plans, who don’t however believe she will undertake this sabbatical; they just don’t seem to know their mother! She arrives and leases an apartment from an older gentleman, deemed to be rather reclusive but she finds they get on very well. She meets his son Pierre (in fact he is her knight in shining armour at one point) but she just doesn’t feel a connection, even though he is hunky and good looking.

She joins a French class where she soon has gathered a lovely group of friends, including Marsha. People pass through her life, she meets people as she tours the sites, but even though she has moved several thousand miles away from Vancouver, her problems from home inevitably follow her.

Together with her various friends she makes her visits to the top attractions in and around the city. She decides, for example, that the Musée Picasso teams well with bouillabaisse, that the Tuileries – because of the colour of the trees and leaves – need to be paired with Salade Niçoise. Each place speaks to her in terms of feeling and vibe and she has soon accumulated her recipes (the author lists the pairings at the back of the book and you are given links to the recipes).

This is a wonderful novel for literary tourism. Paris is firmly set centre stage, there is art (the author runs the wonderful website Art in Fiction that collates novels that are inspired by the arts),  there is terrific food –  you will be taken to Café de Flor and further eateries – as the story unfolds; and of course there is drama, possibly romance….

A well put together novel that will transport you to the wonderful city of Paris.

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