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  • Book: Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town
  • Location: Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington State
  • Author:

Review Author: Tina Hartas



These are nine lightly connected short stories with teenagers at their heart. It is very interesting for a UK English speaker to take a peek at the lives of young people who speak the same language yet have quite a different culture. People are mobile in cars at a much younger age, for starters.

These stories reflect the teenage years, the worries, the experiences, and the author sets them in a very recognisably USA setting. Stetsons, ranches and the rather curious gum chains? The weather is mixed – fires and freezes, blended families, friendships, hostile relationships and flora and fauna to add a dash of colour. There are universal themes – trauma too – that are thoughtfully threaded into young lives, and actions ripple from one narrative through to others.

The author is creative with her storytelling and she can flesh out a simple premise to engage her readership. The writing style is fresh and nuanced and is a good addition to YA oeuvre.

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