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  • Book: True Crime Story
  • Location: Manchester
  • Author: Joseph Knox

Review Author: tripfiction



Unusual, this! I have been listening to quite a few true crime podcasts over the past few Covid months (I can recommend Death in Ice Valley, West Cork and Bear Brook). I opted to listen to True Crime Story as an audiobook and it worked really well. I am now left wondering how it works as a book, as listening to it was a great way to appreciate the story. Anyway, all I can talk about is my own experience, so here goes.

I felt apprehensive about the innumerable cast members who contribute to the audiobook narration, including Joseph Knox appearing as himself. It worked, it was easy to differentiate between all the voices and once the rhythm was established, each narrator became part of the whole story.

Zoe Nolan disappeared in Decemer 2011 and she vanished without a trace. Evelyn Mitchell has started researching and has been busy interviewing family and friends and looks to Joseph, as a published author, for his input and mentoring skills. We learn, as listeners and readers, more about the backstories of the various characters who featured in Zoe’s life whilst she was living in the Tower in Owens Park, Manchester, a building that itself had a rather dark history. Zoe is living there with her twin sister Kim and outshone her on so many levels. Resentment? Perhaps. Friends with secrets? Of course. Backstories? For sure!

Odd things happened. Underwear was stolen, voices heard, jackets nicked. Kim was bundled into a van and held against her will for a short time and closely examined for physical attributes.

The surface is only just being scratched but it is clear that a murky world is coming to light.

This is a well paced narrative and such an unusually constructed story. If you love crime podcasts, you will enjoy this.

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