Lead Review

  • Book: The Rabbit Factor
  • Location: Helsinki
  • Author: Antti Tuomainen, David Hackston (Translator)

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Just how would you cope when you discover that your brother, who has passed away, has left you an “adventure park” (under no circumstances is it to be called an “amusement park”) in his will? What with a German-made rabbit, constructed of plastic and metal, sandwiched between the Big Dipper and the Komodo Dragon, this is going to be a huge learning curve on all kinds of fronts for Henri. You already have a sense of what the park might be like, given its name “YouMeFun”.

Juhani’s life was lived at a chaotic and risky level, a response to his childhood experience, and now his brother, Henri, who is the polar opposite, who is in fact an actuary (someone who deals with the measurement of risk and uncertainty), has a rather huge and unwieldy enterprise on his hands.

He soon discovers that the books don’t balance, there are considerable debts and these are now being called in, with interest, by some rather unscrupulous and unforgiving types. They will, it seems, go to any lengths to get the debts paid. He has certainly got himself involved in a rather challenging set up. Factor in a potential love interest (and we can’t forget his cat Schopenhauer) and you have a storyline full of grit and whimsy.

If you ever see a photo of the author, you always find him with a playful smile on his lips and his expression perfectly captures the style and feel of the storytelling! Quirky and original.

Helsinki gets a nice look in.



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