Lead Review

  • Book: Black Reed Bay
  • Location: Long Island
  • Author: Rod Reynolds

Review Author: Tina Hartas




This is the first in a series featuring Detective Casey Wray. The story is written by a British author and to my ears it has all the twang of an American noir thriller, from the location – which is really descriptive – to the banter amongst the officers in the unit.

Very early one morning, a commotion takes place on a street in an upmarket neighbourhood, which brings some of the local residents to their front doors. Tina Grace was seen weaving erratically across the road, searching for assistance. A 911 call is evidence that she was in huge distress. As the light of day dawns it becomes apparent that she has simply disappeared and now it is up to the investigating officers to work out what happened. They take statements, they interview bystanders, they meet with those close to her, and it soon becomes clear that there are discrepancies. A body is found… but what Casey Wray uncovers is a web that is more extensive and worrying than she could ever have anticipated.

The story is inspired by real life events. In 2010/11 several sets of human remains were found in the Gilgo Beach area of Long Island and the perpetrator never found. They are referred to as the LISK killing (Long Island Serial Killer).

This is really crisp, cohesive and well presented storytelling from a very competent author. He has started to build his main character and is clearly setting the scene for further outings with the police unit based in fictional Hampstead County.

If you love to be thrilled through fiction and fancy a ‘trip’ to Long Island, then this is a must read!

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