Lead Review

  • Book: Trust Me
  • Location: Coniston Water
  • Author: Zosia Wand

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Ellen Devlin is on the train, heading into Marylebone Station. A young woman with a baby has just joined her table and just before arrival at the terminus, she asks Ellen to mind the baby because she has to take a call where it’s quiet between the carriages. The train stops at a station and Ellen is sure that she has just seen the woman on the platform, heading away from the train. It seems she has literally been left holding the baby.

What would anyone do? The train is nearly at Marylebone, this surely isn’t a sufficient emergency to pull the emergency chord. She is hugely discombobulated. Factor in that this 41 year old is returning from visiting a fertility clinic –  Ellen briefly considers whether she might just keep her. But no, she does the right thing, checks through the accompanying bag for any identification or clues, and discovers a note that stipulates she must trust no-one, not even the police.

As she alights, she is caught up on the fringes of rambunctious and rowdy football supporters, so she leaves the station, clutching the baby and the accoutrements. She determines to make contact with the police, because that is the sensible thing to do… isn’t it? And yet she is very mindful of the warning, too.

Before she can really comprehend what has happened, she is caught up in dizzying rounds of cat and mouse. Someone desperately wants that baby, and will seemingly do anything to get to their target. Ellen is determined to protect the baby from harm, at all costs and she soon realises she herself is in danger.

This story has a great concept at the heart. Really, how you would handle such a situation, how would you bring a baby to safety? The story bounces around, you do have to suspend belief because Ellen turns into a super plucky sleuth, determined to understand who is behind the mayhem in which she finds herself. Tension is kept taut and the novel has a good pace.

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