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  • Book: Betrayal
  • Location: Honduras, Washington DC
  • Author: David Gilman

Review Author: tripfiction



This is TripFiction’s Book of the Month – January 2022

Dan Raglan is a Brit. He is also an ex Foreign Legionnaire. Nowadays he is well connected to the security services on both sides of the Atlantic.

An old Legion comrade and friend, now an intelligence officer in the States, gets a message out – through the Legionnaires’ old comrades network – saying that if he ever goes missing Raglan should be contacted to try and find him. He does go missing, and Raglan is contacted. He is too high profile just to fly into Washington without attracting unwelcome official attention, but he does get there via a circuitous route involving a ‘family holiday’ in Florida. He manages to find a link to a major drugs cartel smuggling merchandise from South America which his friend was investigating. But he also discovers something far more sinister and far more dangerous – a linked world-threatening plot involving top level politicians and rogue elements of the CIA and FBI. Raglan, together with a ‘framed for something she didn’t do’ FBI agent head for Honduras for a jungle hideout encounter with some pretty unsavoury characters. They ultimately emerge triumphant if somewhat bloodied.

Raglan is perhaps not your conventional thriller hero. Yes, he is absolutely Action Man on steroids (bodies abound), but he is also a man with significant moral values – he kills the bad guys with one hand, and protects his friends and colleagues with the other. He is also quite meticulous in his planning and execution – no bursting in and hoping for the best. He is very thorough.

In location terms, David Gilman is brilliant. In July 2020 we published a blog in which he talked about the locations for his first Raglan thriller – you can see how well they are researched. Washington and Honduras both get the same treatment in Betrayal. From the virtual jungle and swamps of Washington to the actual jungle and swamps of Honduras, the locations are completely authentic.

Betrayal is a really great thriller for anyone who loves action packed, adrenaline fuelled, adventure. Highly recommended.

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