Lead Review

  • Book: The Sea Detective
  • Location: East Lothian, Edinburgh
  • Author: Mark Douglas-Home

Review Author: Tina Hartas




There is an interesting mix of threads in this novel which, intrinsically work wel togetherl. There is conservation, oceanography, a back story of Cal McGill’s Grandfather, trafficking…. and severed feet! You discover that if a person dies by drowning the feet – given the right footwear – will eventually bob to the surface because of buoyant soles. The author is clearly fascinated by some of the subject matter he feeds into the story and he wants to share and inform his readers, and what can be extrapolated from observations and evidence.

The book opens with two young women being sold into slavery in India. The story then significantly peels off in various different directions, with quite some investment in Cal – who of course is the main character. Fundamentally the plot is a little thin but the extras add colour.

The setting is well portrayed and I feel I have taken a trip to Scotland, to Edinburgh and environs.

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