Lead Review

  • Book: Lying Beside You
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Author: Michael Robotham

Review Author: Tina Hartas



This is the first novel by Michael Robotham (I know, I know…!) that I have read, and I very much enjoyed his writing style. The plot is well laid out and the narrative flows in a convincing and, at times, tantalising pace.

Cyrus Haven is a calm forensic psychologist, assisting police with investigations. He has suffered the murder of his family at the hands of his brother, who is currently incarcerated in Rampton Secure Hospital but who is shortly due to be released back into his care.

Meanwhile, a man has died and his daughter is found dead and Cyrus is summoned to the scene, where her body is half submerged in slurry. Her head has been shorn, which of course references the cover. And then another person goes missing…

At home, young Evie is living with Cyrus, who keeps a paternal watchful eye on her, and early on it feels like the boundaries are distinctly questionable – given his profession – that the two are living under the same roof. She has had more than her fair share of trauma, and she has an acute eye (which is helpful) to spot when people are telling lies. Clearly Cyrus is a rescuer of people.

I really like the thoughtful narrative style. He lays out his story with care and each part segues into the next, with a mix of strands. There is Cyrus’ professional thread mixed with his own personal dilemma, and his very real anxiety around the release of his brother. If you like well packaged crime dramas, then Michael Robotham is a go-to author.

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