Lead Review (A Mother’s Christmas Wish)

  • Book: A Mother’s Christmas Wish
  • Location: Ryhope
  • Author: Glenda Young

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Young Emma has been caught in flagrante at her home village in Ireland, with a man of the cloth, no less! Of course there are consequences on several levels. Her mother packs her off to stay with her sister, her Aunt Bessie, who runs a pub in the village of Ryhope. She herself is struggling as she lost her husband and is surrounded by friends but also by people who are perhaps taking liberties.

Emma is portrayed as a feisty and exuberant young woman, who has had to endure wagging tongues back in Ireland. The slightest mis-step in Ryhope, of course, could energise the gossips once again, so she has to try and be circumspect. Her teenage enthusiasm is hard to quell. But as she finds her feet she can charm even the most hardened mind but life is not simple and there are plenty of hurdles for her to overcome on her quest for some happiness. Life still has a few knocks in store for her.

Emma arrives in Ryhope from Ireland with an apple cake and the author includes a delicious recipe at the end of the novel for readers to try.

The author also incorporates in the novel the lovely Irish tradition “Nollaig na mBan” which is a day in January is dedicated to easing the burden on women after all their graft over the festive period. This all makes for a richly entertaining novel.

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