Lead Review (A Question of Time)

  • Book: A Question of Time
  • Location: Berlin
  • Author: James Stejskal

Review Author: tripfiction



The author brings his vast military experience and historical acumen to this novel. The book takes the reader back to divided Berlin, when spying activities were part of the fabric of the city and risk-taking was part of the Cold War experience.

A CIA officer working in East Berlin has seemingly been compromised and Kim Becker, Vietnam veteran and a member of a U.S crack team is tasked with extricating him in one piece. Their mission is to bring him out, but first they have to get across the Wall into East Berlin….

The author knows how to tell a story, one that seems well researched but I think there is a lot of ‘telling’ which is not really balanced by the ‘showing’, a lot of narrative that reads almost like a history book and consequently perhaps feels a little dry. It is nevertheless pacy and feels incredibly well researched and detailed and it will find its readership amongst those who like a snappy and taut tale of espionage and tactical handling.

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